RomaniaThe Center of Innovation and Technology Transfer MAVIS

January 27, 2023by pcdata0

Type: Research

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Country: Romania


The Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer MAVIS aims to become a key structure of the regional innovation ecosystem, acting both as a link between actors in the Research-Development-Innovation sector, the business environment and end users, but also as an accelerator of innovative products and services developed either by exploiting some research results, or by covering the specific needs of companies to develop / improve / test / validate / transfer a new product or technology to the market that responds to consumer problems. Thus, CITT MAVIS will connect market opportunities in the field of the Silver Economy and chronic diseases (e-health, smart textiles, biotech, etc.) with the needs of end users and the capacities of the business environment to satisfy these needs. CITT MAVIS aims to exploit the opportunities and competitive advantages of innovation actors in the Information Technology, Health, Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies and medical textiles – “smart textiles” sectors, becoming a point of reference in terms of connecting the business environment with the opportunities of the “silver economy” “, the needs of end consumers and the results of research carried out or in the process of being carried out.

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