RomaniaRegional Institute of Oncology – Center for Fundamental Research and Experimental Development in Translational Medicine – TRANSCEND, Iasi

January 27, 2023by pcdata0

Type: Research

Project page: Access page

Country: Romania


In August 2013, the Regional Institute of Oncology Iași submitted a project entitled “CENTRE FOR FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTAL DEVELOPMENT IN TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE”.
The purpose of the project is to consolidate, develop and amplify the biomedical research capacity in the Regional Institute of Oncology Iași by creating an interdisciplinary platform capable of generating scientific knowledge with a high potential for translation into clinical practice. Structurally, this general goal can be materialized by establishing the conditions for the application of a creative model of personalization of the medical act, using exploratory approaches oriented towards the realization of molecular diagnostic tools coupled with the identification of new therapeutic targets – a formal concept enshrined within the notion of theranostics

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