PolandNationwide Centre for Research, Education and Monitoring Fertility Problems

January 27, 2023by pcdata0

Type: Research

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Country: Poland


The National Center for Research, Education and Monitoring of Fertility Problems was founded in 2010 and is coordinated by the Association for the Improvement of Modern Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility “Dziecko”. The organization, which functions as a cluster, affiliates highly specialized medical, scientific and business centers, including universities, clinics, hospitals, scientific institutions, associations and companies.
The aim of the Cluster is to exchange knowledge and experiences, to integrate communities and most of all scientific and research work and continuing development of diagnostics and treatment of infertility. The Center is active in the field of implementing innovative and most effective solutions in everyday medical practice and stimulating knowledge transfer between the public sector and the economy. It also initiates and implements international projects in cooperation with prestigious centers around the world.

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