MedicNestMEDIC NEST META-CLUSTER IN PRECISION MEDICINE – all about the Vision, the Mission, Strategical Objectives and growth line for the new alliance

January 17, 2024by Dana GLiga0

MEDIC NEST is a voluntary, open and agile alliance of European clusters and business supporting organisations strongly believing in the role of inter-cluster, cross border and cross sectoral collaboration supporting the internationalisation, growth and global competitiveness of the European Precision Medicine Ecosystem.


The VISION of the meta-cluster is to create a fostering environment for organizations dedicated to precision medicine, supporting a strong and innovative industry for a healthier EU.


The MISSION of the meta-cluster is to support the innovation journey of cluster members by facilitating industry and research cross border collaborations in order to increase the competitiveness of EU Precision Medicine stakeholders within Europe and beyond.





MEDIC NEST Meta Cluster founding members, IMAGO-MOL Cluster (Romania) MEDVIA (Belgium), Hellenic Bio Cluster (Greece) and SIVI Cluster (Spain), have developed the Medic Nest European Meta Cluster Strategy 2022-2027, establishing the following STRATEGICAL OBJECTIVES for the new alliance:


  1. Developing and maintaining an active EU Precision Medicine network
  2. Increasing the knowledge of the ecosystem while facilitating know-how, good practices and data sharing within the EU Precision Medicine network
  3. Supporting cluster members to progress in their go-to market strategies and activities
  4. Initiating new collaborative projects within meta-cluster members and partners
  5. Serving as a connector between the European stakeholders in Precision Medicine including industry, academia, innovators and investors
  6. EU advising and lobbying for legislations reforms affecting Precision Medicine


Moreover, a first set of actions will be developed following the strategical lines GROWTH, KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER, POLICY, SUSTAINABILITY, VISIBILITY.


MEDIC NEST Meta Cluster founding members are keen to welcome under the Partnership Agreement the European clusters interested in commonly advance the development of precision medicine. Interested parties can join the alliance by signing the MEDIC NEST Partnership Form to demonstrate their interest to actively contribute to the implementation of the MEDIC-NEST Meta-Cluster strategy.


No fees for the partners are foreseen up to the end of 2025. From then onwards, whether to continue with or without fee will be decided by the MEDIC NEST General Assembly.


Slovenian Innovation Hub, Basque Health Cluster, Health and Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria and RTD Health Cluster Bosnia have joined the MEDIC-NEST Meta-Cluster and more news to come related to the alliance enlargement! In case of interest to join our European Partnership in Precision Medicine, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Dana GLiga

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