MedicNestLeon Research, representing Biotecyl Health Cluster, organised the Castilla y León Precision Medicine Conference, in November 2022

November 17, 2022by Dana GLiga0
Our consortium partner Leon Research, representing the Castilla y León Health Cluster – Biotecyl, organised the Precision Medicine Conference, which took place on November 10th 2022, at Leon Technology Park, Castilla Y Leon, Spain and where Alfonso Garcia Canamaque – CEO of Leon Research, took on the role as a high level speaker.

León Research is a Leonese company, member in the Medic Nest consortium in Precision Medicine, on behalf of BIOTECYL cluster.

The MEDIC NEST project was presented by our partners during the conference, to a high-affinity audience on precision medicine.


What is the contribution of León Research in the Medic Nest project?

The main task of León Research is to define the strategy of the Precision Medicine Meta-cluster, in the creation of an interactive map for the identification of European projects and entities that work in Precision Medicine, including a monthly dedicated news section. And, at the same time, the creation of a joint action plan against cancer 2022-2027.

To access this interactive map and obtain more information about the project and its progress, you can visit our website in the Live Grid section.

Thank you Leon Research and Biotecyl for promoting our partnership and the Medic Nest project on such a high affinity and high level event!


Dana GLiga

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