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Let’s meet at SMART HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES in medical diagnostic and treatment

The program of the event will consist of panel sessions, pitching competition, project generation workshops, networking & speed mentoring for start-ups, C2C, B2B, R2B meetings and site visits. The variety of proposed sessions will embark the participants on a journey in the world of smart health technologies and will address, at the same time, the challenges imposed by the digital transition in health.

Starting from the panel sessions where clusters managers will present best practices in Smart health ecosystem transformation, European specialists will engage in presentations about AI & Smart Health Technologies in Medical Diagnostics and treatment, hospital managers will debate the challenges in implementing smart hospital concepts and representatives of patient associations will present how can be incorporated the patients’ needs in personalized healthcare, a project generation roundtable focusing on ideas to implement the concept of smart health is envisaged. The goal is to facilitate consortia development dedicated to smart health technologies in medical diagnostic & treatment and to apply for EU funding programs such as Horizon Europe, EU4Health, Digital Europe or Interregional Innovation Instrument (I3).

Nonetheless, the most attractive part of the program could be the European pitching competition of the HealthTech and MedTech startups & companies to clusters and hospital managers, medical specialists, testing clients and potential investors. The pitching session will be complemented by speed networking, mentoring sessions for the startups and C2C, B2B, R2B, B2C meetings, in order to create a proper context for future collaboration between the participants.

We have also envisaged site visits to the medical infrastructures of the University and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa Iasi (Advanced Centre for of Research & Development in Experimental Medicine – CEMEX, Medical Simulation Centre) and Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry will be organized in order to get acquainted to the resources, advancements and projects of the North East Region in this domain.

This event will be organized under the framework of MEDIC-NEST project and will represent an opportunity to implement the ClusterXchange scheme and to enhance collaboration between European clusters and their members in the field of precision medicine. Medic-Nest will facilitate the setting up of a Meta Cluster on Precision Medicine, the development of the Medic-Nest Strategy in Precision Medicine and a Joint Action Plan for Precision Cancer Medicine 2022-2027.

Main activities

Sneak-peak of the programme

Tackeled subjects 
  • Smart healthcare transformation: best practices from EU clusters ecosystems (Keynote speeches from clusters managers)
  • AI & Smart Health Technologies in Medical Diagnostics and treatment (Keynote speeches of specialists)
    • AI in cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment
    • AI in non-oncological diseases detection, diagnosis and treatment
    • AI in image processing
    • Predictive models generated by AI in pharma
    • Use of Patient Data in Artificial Intelligence. Protecting the privacy of healthcare data in the cloud
  • Challenges in implementing Smart Hospitals concepts (Keynote speeches from hospitals managers)
  • Quo Vadis Smart Health technologies and Precision Medicine?
  • Creating a sustainable innovation environment for precision medicine (Keynote speeches from EU experts)
  • Patient experience management: Giving patients greater control over their care(Keynote speeches from Patient Associations Representatives)
    • Incorporating patient’s perspective in personalized healthcare
    • Empowering people towards self-management
Practical activities 
  • Enablers for achieving smart hospitals & clinics: showcases of SIEMENS, PHILIPS, GE HEALTHCARE
  • Pitching session of HealthTech & MedTech companies & startups to clusters & hospital managers, medical specialists, testing clients, Investors
  • Networking and speed mentoring: B2C, R2B, B2B, C2C meetings
  • Clusters meets DIHS towards Smart Healthcare transformation
  • Smart healthcare projects generation round table (Horizon Europe, EU4Health, Digital Europe Programme, I3)
Site Visits
  • Medical Infrastructures of University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T Popa Iasi
  • Advanced Centre for of Research & Development in Experimental Medicine – CEMEX
  • Medical Simulation Centre
  • Data Infrastructure – Technical University Gh. Asachi
  • Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry


Motivation - Why should I participate if I am from.

  • a cluster organization
    • to promote the activities of the cluster
    • to create connections with various other clusters from EU
    • to find partners for our projects ideas
  • a private business entity (start-up, SME)
    • to present my product
    • to boost the internationalization of my company
    • to find potential clients and investors
    • to receive tailored feedback after the pitch session
  • a hospital (manager or medical practitioner)
    • to see some the latest developments at EU level in terms of smart health technologies
    • to enhance collaboration
    • to find solutions for the hospital's needs
  • a investment company (venture capitalist, business angel etc)
    • to discover new start-ups at EU level
    • to contribute to the development of the smart health technologies
    • to boost the advancements in the domain of smart health
  • a patient association
    • to express the needs of the pacients
    • to advocate for the early-stage involvement of the patients in the development of new products

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