MedicNestInvitation to the second Medic Nest Cluster Week event in Leuven, Belgium, between 21-23 of March 2023, a 3-day event organised by our consortium partner Medvia Health Cluster

March 17, 2023by Dana GLiga0


It is our great pleasure to dedicate this edition of the newsletter to our consortium partner – MEDVIA Health Cluster, who is organising the second Medic Nest Cluster Week event in Leuven, Belgium, between 21-23 of March 2023.


The ClusterXchange program will be taking place as an integrated part of HealthTech Summit 2023, between 21st -22nd of March and, the two days, will include a special program aimed at all international visitors.


HealthTech Summit – Meeting at the Crossroads of HealthTech Innovation, happening on the 23rd of March 2023, is a conference that brings together national and international experts and VCs in medtech, biotech, digital health and patient care, to examine the current state and the future of collaborative innovation.


Sounds interesting?


Scroll down and find out more about the 3-day event organised and conducted by Medvia, including registration details and hot topics on the agenda.

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About the EVENT

The ClusterXchange program on 21-22 March 2023, Leuven, Belgium

MEDVIA is pleased to announce that a 2-day ClusterXchange program has been established, on 21-22 of March, the two days leading up to HealthTech Summit, when they will be hosting the free event, which includes a special program aimed at all our international visitors.

What’s a ClusterXchange?



A ClusterXchange is part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform’s program to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. Clusters working in similar sectors around Europe come together to exchange views, learn from each other and come into contact with pan-European venture capitalists, potential customers and development funding or services.

MEDVIA, as one of the founding members of Medic Nest – group of four European health-tech clusters, will host the ClusterXchange program. Medic Nest’s first ClusterXchange took place earlier this year, between 7-9 February, in Iași, Romania – Smart Health Technologies Forum in medical diagnostic and treatment.


What’s on the CXC program in Leuven?

Day 1 in Leuven includes visits to the expertise center Health House, the world-class university hospital UZ Leuven and presentations by Medic Nest members.

Day 2 includes a pitch session, a presentation on smart healthcare and a workshop on bridging the gap between research and commercialization.

See the full ClusterXChange program here or by clicking the image below



Who can join the CXC program in Leuven?

The ClusterXchange is free for the following visitors who have registered for HealthTech Summit:

  • All visitors coming from outside Belgium
  • HealthTech Summit speakers and panelists
  • HealthTech Summit sponsors
  • MEDVIA Carry and Cultivate members



Register HERE for the ClusterXchange program!


Registrations for the CXC program are limited, so register as soon as possible!

Registration for the ClusterXChange on 21-22 March is separate from the registration for the HealthTech Summit conference



HealthTech Summit

Meeting at the Crossroads of Healthcare Innovation’ 23 March 2023, Leuven, Belgium


We invite and welcome you to the 5th edition of the global conference on cross-over innovation in healthcare – HealthTech Summit.

You can find here the full day agenda for the event ➡️ AGENDA

Registration is still OPEN!





Here are some highlights of the program’s agenda


  • Paul Stoffels, CEO of Galapagos on breaking down silos in pharma-tech collaboration
  • Denise Silber, founder of Basil Strategies on the past, present and future of collaboration
    Dipak Kalra, president of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data
  • Gert Van Assche, chief medical office of UZ Leuven on strategies for collaborative innovation”



How do we build a forward-looking and collaborative healthcare innovation ecosystem?

This panel on the challenges our innovators encounter, including regulation and reimbursement, features Steven Vandeput of beMedTech, KU Leuven chief medical officer Gert Van Assche, MEDVIA CEO Ann Van Gysel, Galapagos CEO Paul Stoffels, Emily Blum, medical director of the Global Center for Medical Innovation in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dipak Kalra, president of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data.




B2B Matchmaking


Are you looking for a partner to help realize your innovation? Do you need advice on how to expand your market? Are you a healthcare provider exploring best practices? Whatever your goal, the HealthTech Summit can find the right match for a personal meeting during the conference.

Connect with the right people! Register NOW!


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