CyprusIntegrated Precision Medicine Technologies
Research Center of Excellence

January 27, 2023by pcdata0

Type: Research

Project page: Access page

Country: Cyprus


The Centre will integrate the necessary building blocks for the implementation:(i) Micro- and Nano-Biotechnologies, (ii) Sensing, Electronics and Embedded Systems, (iii) Medical Imaging & Biosignal Analysis, (iv) In silico Modelling, (v) Bioinformatics & Systems Medicine, and (vi) eHealth Systems, with the support of (vii) Molecular/Cellular Biosciences and (viii) Clinical Development & Validation. The Centre aims to focus the application of the developed technologies on key clinical fields currently lacking in precision: (i) Primary & metastatic brain malignancies, (ii) Neurodegenerative disorders, and (iii) Brain injury & response in critical care.

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