January 27, 2023by pcdata0

Type: Research

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Country: Belgium


Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Center is an independent research center in the field of microelectronics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, design methods and technologies for ICT systems. Nanoelectronics can play a crucial role in the development of advanced precision medicine instrumentation and pave the way to tomorrow’s personalized healthcare: it can be manufactured at high volumes and low-cost and achieve ultrahigh precision and high resolution, as well as massive parallelization. There are numerous examples of how nanoelectronics can be utilized to transform the medical practice and the life sciences. The nanoelectronics platform lends itself to miniaturization, simplification and reduction of the cost of complex instruments such as microscopes or spectroscopes, without a loss in performance. Nanoelectronics might also enable shrinking lab functionalities into small labs-on-chip, and even integrating complete lab workflows on small biosensing devices that can scan blood or other fluids for diseases, all in only a fraction of the time that is needed with today’s instruments. Mini-versions of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) reactors can pave the way to fast and low-cost molecular testing, significantly expanding the reach of early disease diagnosis and effective personalized healthcare. Chip-based cell sorting technologies might also impact the way cell-based therapeutics will be manufactured in the future and lead to a lower cost, higher quality and reduced analysis time.

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