MedicNestHealthcare Digital Transformation: Training for Cluster Representatives in Crete, Greece * How can Clusters grow and become sustainable using Digital Transformation

November 10, 2023by Dana GLiga0
The ability to incorporate and manage new processes, skills, structures and technologies into health and in particular precision medicine is critical to ensure innovation development and growth.

Digital transformation is happening currently all throughout the sector and SMEs need to be able to keep up and transform with minimal business disruption. Cluster managers need to develop skills in order to assist this process and help SMEs identify new business models in addition to opportunities for new business.



The MEDIC-NEST project is organising a 3-day training, focused on how to assist SME uptake of health digitalisation, including how to adapt to the new digital landscape, how to develop a digital transformation strategy for the future and what are the best practices for supporting it.


Join us in Heraklion, Crete, on November 14th-16th 2023 for an immersion on the world of digital Transformation! The Programme developed by HBIO Cluster will include topics such as:

  • How clusters can help members through digital transformation?
  • Cluster Business Model Canvas: Creating sustainable clusters
  • Development of Cluster Service portfolios
  • Collaboration amongst different innovation ecosystems
  • The new MEDIC NEST Meta Cluster for Precision Medicine
  • Networking

Also, through various sessions, we will try to answer questions like:

  • How to build further on strategy towards unique selling proposition and services for clusters
  • How to unlock the EU MDR/IVDR Regulation
  • How to Create Sustainability through Digital Innovation
  • How to accelerate the healthcare Digital Transformation
This training event is part of the MEDIC NEST ClusterXchange programme. Interested parties may receive a  travel voucher of 390 euros to support their trip to Greece!



If you work for an European Cluster Organization and you are interested in joining the training, please contact us!


We are looking forward to seeing you in Heraklion!

Dana GLiga

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